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Serian My Beautiful Hometown


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Looking For My HomeTown?

   Serian is a very beautiful and scenic place you can visit. Serian is also called as The Durian Town because produce the largest amount of durian in Sarawak. So if you want to eat a lot of durians so come and visit me.
You will amazed by the waterfall (Ranchan Fall) just 5 km from Serian town. Or just walk nearby and feel the wind of Taman Danu or Lake Garden just beside Serian Town. If you prefer to go for shopping just take a cab or a bus and go to Tebedu/Entikong. Tebedu is in Malaysia side and you will be shopping in Entikong in Indonesia border. Cheap variety of products sold in Rupiah or Ringgit.
(I will try to add pictures about Serian.)

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